Spring Invaders

Spring Invaders

It’s March, and in just a few short weeks’ spring will officially be here!

Insects are coming out of their winter hibernation, flying back from warm places, and making their home right in your front year. They’re probably starting to buzz around your lights, and running into your freshly windexed windows. Oh, what a nuisance they are! So, what bugs exactly come along when spring arrives? We’re here to tell you.


Flies of all kinds– The flies that we find in our homes are emerging from colder areas and tend to be quite sluggish this time of year. That is why they are always buzzing around lights and banging into screens, wall and windows. House flies and cluster flies are common.



Asian Lady Beetles– Adult Asian Lady Beetles are active on warm spring days, and why you may see them around more often. This is one of the most variable species in the world, with an exceptionally wide range of color forms. These bugs invade our home in October to hibernate and come out in March.




Conifer Seed Bug– The Conifer Seed Bug most obviously feeds off of seeds. These bugs pop up later in spring sometime in April, but can sometime highly effect crop season by eating all of the seeds.




Brown Marmorated Stink Bug– This half-inch long pest made its way to the US in late 90’s. They can be common year-round in some states, but here in Kentucky they will return in the spring. Don’t be afraid of the stink bug, they only produce the smell when they feel threatened. As long as you leave them be, they will not smell!




Happy (almost) spring, if you are experiencing pests please call IPM Pest Control at (502) 456-4416.

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