How To: Keep Pests Out of Your Home

During the winter season, pests in your neighborhood are looking for a nice, warm place to stay, and it is common that they will make a home in your attic or other spaces in your house. Below are some ways to prevent pests from entering and making a home in your house.

  • Check for holes around the exterior of your home. Common areas include: gaps around garage doors, foundation gaps around sewer drains, gaps in crawlspace and attic vents, etc. You should also check for soffit vents and chimney pipes. Many small critters enter your home through these small holes. If you detect any holes, patch them up using hardware cloth and a staple gun.
  • If you have vents in your soffits, make sure they have vent covers on them and that they are tightly in place. You can also add screens over the vent covers for added protection.
  • Add a chimney cap to your chimney. Having a wide open chimney is like asking pests to come inside of your home.
  • Before you repair any holes around your home, make sure that there is nothing currently in your attic. Take a good look around and check for any animals that may already be there, before you patch any holes.

If you suspect any critters in your home this winter, call IPM today. At IPM Services our wildlife and rodent control professionals are knowledgeable and courteous.

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