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We Can Protect Your Louisville and Southern Indiana Home or Office from Termites
Termites, one of the most commonly known pests, have been around for 250 million years. IPM Services has the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle this most persistent pest, and protect your home or office from further damage.

Our Termite Inspectors Go to the Source of Your Problem
Termites are social insects and live in colonies in the ground or in wood. We perform a thorough inspection of your home/facility and prepare a graph of the structure’s foundation, showing you all the present termite activity or damage, and whether the activity is current or dormant.

We Eliminate Your Termite Problem
IPM Services provides conventional termite treatments or baiting programs with the best equipment and techniques available. We use non-repellent termiticides with the most up-to-date termite injection system. Our injection system is specially built to cover all areas of infestation, including wall cracks and crevices and the soil surrounding your termitesproperty.

No Termites – Value of Termite Monitoring
A termite monitoring program provides peace of mind as well as a proactive warning system for termites to reduce the potential for termite infestation and costly repairs from termite damage. Steps of termite monitoring system:

1.  Inspect the structure and surroundings to identify conducive conditions – install in appropriate locations around the structure to monitor soil for termite activity.

2.  Monitor the stations on a regular basis – monthly for the first three months and quarterly thereafter – unless a monitor station is “hit” – once monitor station is “hit” bait is placed in the station to rid infestation before actually infesting the structure.

Preconstruction Soil Treatment
IPM Services will pretreat the soil before construction begins on your new home. IPM Services will guarantee the service for 5 years, on the anniversary of the 6th year, you have the option to continue coverage on your home/facility for the lifetime of your home. Pretreating the soil for termites will give you peace of mind your home is safe from termite infestation, and save you costly repairs in the future.

New Construction – The Green Choice
IPM Services uses an innovative termite technology during the home building process that is sprayed on the wood instead of injected into the ground.

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