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Some people think mice are cute, others are ready to vacate the house at the first site of one. Whatever your reaction, we can all agree that you won’t want them living in your house. Rodent control is what we do at Intergrated Pest Management (IPM). We are more than just exterminators, our mission doesn’t end at removing the unwanted guests we also help you make sure they don’t return.

We take pride in unraveling the mystery of where rodents are getting into your home. IPM’s combination of rodent control expertise and exclusion repair are what you need to solve rodent infestation.

Chances are that someplace, somewhere, there is a hole or crack that allows entry for rats or mice. Rodent control cannot be effective without sealing off these entrances. This work requires attention to detail because their routes are often tricky to fully locate. This is where the art and science of IPM’s rodent exclusion work becomes important

Rats and mice get into your home interior, attic, or crawlspace through open entry points. Because their skulls are flexible they can get through tiny openings.

  • Small rats can get through a half-inch hole!
  • Mice can squeeze through a quarter-inch gap!

Holes, gaps, and cracks can be at your roof line, in the house siding, under doors, through garage areas, around foundation vents, and even tunnels burrowed through soil under the foundation of your home.

After the mice are removed IPM continues the rodent control process by performing a thorough inspection to find these access points (as well as food sources, nesting sites, and rodent runways and paths). We then provide you with a detailed Rodent Exclusion Report.

IPM Exterminators can do these tasks for you:

  • Repair gaps in crawlspace or attic vents
  • Close gaps where plumbing enters the home from the crawlspace
  • Seal gaps around garage doors
  • Repair foundation gaps around sewer drains (rats tunnel through the sewer exit gap)
  • Remedy crevices around the crawlspace access door

IPM will inspect and perform minor exclusion, major exclusion we will refer you to the experts in that field.

Contact us today if you have a rodent control issue that we can help with!

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