Louisville, KY roach controlMost Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana homeowners and businesses are not aware of a cockroach infestation until they have the unwanted experience of stepping on the pest during the night. If that happens to you call Intergrated Pest Management today.

Roaches are nocturnal creatures which allows them to multiply in alarming numbers while going largely unnoticed. They are found throughout the United States and are unsanitary and can prove destructive in large numbers.

When roaches come in to contact with a food source, they often excrete filth and germs. Even worse is that their excrement not only leaves behind an offensive odor, but also attracts other cockroaches. Cockroaches can pick up disease-causing bacteria, such as Salmonella, on their legs and spread the germs on to other foods and surfaces. The spread of this bacteria can cause food infections or poisoning. House dust containing cockroach feces and body parts can trigger allergic reactions and asthma in certain individuals.

Roaches Common to Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana
german cockroachGerman Cockroaches are the most common cockroach found in and around apartments, homes, supermarkets and restaurants. They are nocturnal and primarily infest areas close to food, moisture and warmth. German cockroaches also reproduce at an alarming rate. Their small size allows them to hide more efficiently and they have few natural predators inside human habitats. For these reasons, German cockroach populations tend to grow rapidly and require professional treatment.

oriential roachOriental Cockroaches are commonly found outdoors; often enters buildings through sewer pipes. Tends to live near the ground and in warm, damp areas.  The Oriental Cockroach is sometimes referred to as a “waterbug”.  Total length of this cockroach is about 1 1/4 inches for the female and 1 inch for the male.  Neither the male nor the female can fly.  Unlike other house-infesting species, the oriental cockroach generally has a seasonal developmental cycle.  The peak number of adults usually appears in the late spring or early summer.  The nymphs and adults have similar habits and are found associated with decaying organic matter indoors and out.  They can be found in yards, beneath leaves, in dumps, and in crawl spaces.  Oriental cockroaches feed on all kinds of filth, rubbish, and other decaying organic matter.  As cold weather approaches, or sometimes during unseasonably cool periods, a migration indoors may occur.

American cockroaches are the largest cockroaches that invade homes. American roaches can run very fast and they usually scurry into a dark area. If they are startled, American roaches may even fly. American cockroaches normally live outdoors. They prefer warm, damerican roachamp areas like flowerbeds, under mulch, and even sewer systems. American cockroaches enter homes to find water or food.

If you have roaches, Integrated Pest Management Services can help you to rid your cockroach problem.

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