Do You Have Problems with Birds?

Birds in atticIPM Services provides bird control for Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana residential and commercial facilities. We inspect your property and advise you on how to control your bird population problems with the use of several bird control options. Bird netting is often effectively used to prevent nesting in areas such as awnings and gutters. IPM Services can also use structures such as stainless steel bird spikes. These are non-harmful devices that are placed on top of your building or home to make landing or nesting impossible.

In extreme cases we also can use low amperage Bird Strips in which a very mild electrical “jolt” repells birds and prevents them from landing.  This method is completely humane and is harmless to humans, other animals, and the birds.


A bird trapping technique may be used inside structures that birds are entering, such as warehouses or attics, to vacate the birds from the facility. Trapping has little application in most outdoor areas where birds are attracted.


There are several anti-roosting products that prevent birds from landing and roosting on ledges, street lights, air conditioning units, parapets, signs, beams, security cameras, pipes, chimneys, cutouts, rooftops, boat canopies, parking decks, booms, etc. Roosting and perching deterrents include custom made, angled perch blockers, bird netting to exclude birds from awnings and other nesting sites, anti-roosting spikes made of stainless steel or polycarbonate and electrified, non-leathal low profile track systems to protect ledges. In a case where birds are inside a structure we can assist in closing up any holes where the birds may be getting in.

Bird Nest Removal

One of the best methods for discouraging bird activity is simply removing the nest. This is also necessary to prevent any problems associated with bird mites. The same procedures are followed as described for excrement removal. In addition, crack, crevice and spot applications of a residual germicide are made to kill any mites and other parasites which may be present in or around the nest.

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