Bed Bugs

Bed Bug front pageIf you have a bed bug infestation in your Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana home or business IPM Services can help you with your extermination needs.

Bed bugs are just as much of a problem in Louisville, KY as they are in other parts of the nation. The United States and many countries abroad are now experiencing a widespread recurrence of bed bugs. In fact, the most significant factor that explains their increase over the last several years is an increase in international travel. Bed bugs easily get into clothing or luggage and are brought home. Unfortunately, even the finest hotels are not immune to the outbreak of bed bugs.

Bed bugs typically nest in the fabric of a mattress, bedding, pillow, stuffed animal, or even clothing. At night the nasty little hazards come out from their hiding places to eat and what they snack on is you. A bed bug does not actually live under your skin, but will simply drink a few drops of blood while you are sleeping. You cannot feel the bite, even though it is actually piercing the skin. Although some saliva will get into the skin, bed bugs are not known to pass on any serious diseases to humans.

While many bed bugs hide in mattresses, some may also hide in a sofa or chair, or even behind wall paper or pictures. Thorough extermination is the only real way to get rid of bed bugs. Every crevice of a home needs to be searched and possibly treated. Obviously this means that simply getting rid of an infected mattress will not completely solve the problem.

These tenacious pests are about 3/8″ long and are visible to the naked eye. Bed bugs are able to go without food for as long as a year. After getting their fill of nutrition, the females will lay eggs in batches of up to 200 at a time so the bed bug population can escalate very quickly.

Researchers have found that the recently bed bugs have become much more resistant to the extermination chemicals that have previously been in use. Insecticides that are often used for roaches and similar insects are ineffective on bed bugs. Bed bugs, in particular, require professional pest control management.

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